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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 8


1. LAMPA CU CACIULA (THE TUBE WITH A HAT) – Radu Jude [Romania] (2006, 23:00)
A father and son carry their TV set to the city to have it fixed before the afternoon movie.

2. THE BOY IN THE AIR – Lyn Elliot (2005, 2:00)
An enigmatic advertisement inspires a letter. The corporation writes back.

3. MANUELLE LABOR – Marie Losier (2007, 10:00)
A collaboration with Guy Maddin leads to a birthing scene unlike any other.

4. ART/WORK – Avram Dodson (2006, 5:00)
A realistic look at the relationship between the artist and the day job.

5. FLIP-FILM – Ellen Ugelstad and Alfonso Alvarez (1999, 1:05)
A staccato peek at San Francisco from the inside of a bus. Made in the tradition of Biograph’s 1890 Mutoscope.

Two men and a woman: it seems men understand each other better…

7. UNIFIED FIELDS – Brandon Walley (2006, 9:00)
During a hot summer weekend in the country with my family, I tried to capture an odd sense of interconnectedness yet isolation.

8. OUTERBOROUGH – Bill Morrison (2005, 8:30)
A split-screen extrapolation of a film taken while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in 1899.

9. NOTHINGNESS – Arzu Ozkal Telhan (2005, 2:55)
Nothingness is about resignation; an unwilling state of existence under the weight of insatiable humanity.

10. MARTIN – Bill Basquin (2004, 5:00)
Martin is a poetic portrait of a sheep shearer and his philosophical musings on rural life.

11. TO THE SOUTH WAS 72 – Sabine Gruffat (2005, 11:00)
“A personal guided tour of the largest prehistoric city north of Mexico.”


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