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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 4


1. ÉRAMOS POCOS – Borja Cobeaga (2005, 16:00)
When his wife leaves him, Joaquín turns to his son to help him bring his mother-in-law out of a home to do the housework.

2. THE MAN WHO MET HIMSELF – Ben Crowe (2005, 9:50)
Who is Stephen Maker? Did he fake his own death, or do doppelgangers really exist?

3. BEFORE DAWN – Bálint Kenyeres (2005, 12:00)
Before dawn the wheat quietly undulates on the hillside.
Before dawn some people will rise while others will take away their hope.

4. DUMB ANGEL – Deco Dawson (2005, 9:00)
Equal parts improvisational performance, experimental film, behind-the-scenes documentary, music video, and audio composition.

5. ROBO-CLONES – Steve Delahoyde and Nathan Rabin (2005, 5:30)
A timely and provocative look at an explosive social issue: the effect of murderous robot clones on workplace morale.

6. THE OPTION OF WAR – Nick Fox-Gieg (2005, 6:30)
A soldier is taken prisoner in the night by a pack of jackals who demand that he betray his sleeping friends.

7. WHY I DON’T GO TO THE MOVIES – Paul Karlin (2004, 7:00)
The force of romantic obsession and the doldrums of life with a goddess lead to a strange vow.

8. DEPRESSION – Louis Lapat (2005, 13:20)
How do you fight depression? Routine exercise, daily work, and an insecure girlfriend to soothe your ego when feeling down.

9. ERRATA – Alexander Stewart (2005, 7:00)
An abstract film made by photocopying copies of copies thousands of times. Each frame of film is a copy of the previous frame.

10. ¡Sí, Se Puede! – B rian Liloia (2006, 14:00)
A timely documentary giving a voice to undocumented immigrants currently facing reform issues in the United States.

The JSF Volume 4, Summer 2006 - Front CoverThe JSF Volume 4, Summer 2006 - Back Cover