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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 6


1) WE’RE GOING TO THE ZOO – Josh Safdie (2006, 14:40)
Driving to the zoo, a young woman and her little brother pick up an unconventional hitchhiker.

2) ALICE SEES THE LIGHT – Ariana Gerstein (2006, 6:20)
In an ultra-bright world, there's more to vision than meets the eye.

3) THE SASKATCHEWAN TRILOGY, PART I – Brian Stockton (2002, 5:40)
An eccentric portrait of the filmmaker’s first year of life in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

4) FIRST LADIES – Natalie Frigo (2006, 1:30)
In FIRST LADIES, the focus of news footage is altered, addressing alternate histories disregarded due to implicit cultural structures.

5) LUCKY – Nash Edgerton (2005, 4:25)
Lucky finds himself in a bind, and he’ll need to pull off more than a Houdini act to escape.

6) RUMSFELD RULES – Bryan Boyce (2006, 2:45)
Donald Rumsfeld speaks the crazy poetic truth.

7) CARMICHAEL & SHANE – Rob Carlton and Alex Weinress (2006, 5:30)
A single father has a unique approach to raising his twins . . . choose a favourite.

8) INTERSTATE, PART I – Jason Cortlund & Julia Halperin (2006, 6:00)
Night surveillance of circus elephants and zebras in circadian rhythm, seen through waves of traffic from a Texas interstate highway.

9) DON’T READ NOW, PART I – Michael Saul (2006, 5:20)
A common warning in the art of passing notes. Secret love letters disguise our true intentions.

10) REMOTE COMMOTION – Catherine Galasso (2006, 4:00)
An erotic diary of transatlantic yearning made intimate through an uncanny and frenzied collage of facial expressions.

11) THE TOUCH – Vanessa Woods (2005, 3:00)
An experimental animation of an Anne Sexton poem that examines melodies within spoken, written, and visual language.


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