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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 21

1. FIND – Tara Samuel (2006; 9:00)
When 10 year old Amanda witnesses her father's murder, she trains herself and three friends to time travel. She will find her dad alive in a different dimension. "Think of Einstein's relativity: from a certain point of view, a supposed event that's taking place isn't happening at all. We just gotta find that other point of view, and remember where it was."

2. Before the Election – Shun Yu Mo (2008; 4:55)
We have always been relying on the mass media to obtain news and daily information. With the arrival of the internet age and the popularity of computers, individuals are easily connected with the rest of the world anytime and anywhere. However, what is the significance of the 'The Big News' to the individuals? Our relationship with the mass media has always been a mystery. It is difficult to digest 'The Big News' despite knowing its importance.

3. Self Improvement – Clint Enns (2010; 2:42)
- A self help video that rests somewhere between the realms of code hacking, archaic design and spiritual awakening.

4. Four Movements from A Sonata for Streams– Kevin Van Scoder (2009; 5:32)
A structuralist reflection on natural and man made streams.

5. Nora – Grace Carter + Holly Andres (2007; 17:40)
Based on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson, this period animation tells the tale of a nutty ship's captain who ignores the warnings from his crew that the vessel is in distress. Lost in philosophical reveries, the captain decides to light a cigar. What will happen?

6. Seer's Catalogue – Dave Griffiths (2009; 7:30)
An investigator decodes the universe through fiery entrails of film, recounting a myth of primal origins, worldly corruption and ultimate fate. His shuffling archive of movie cue-dots hovers between stillness and motion, the result of observing and recording barely visible matter at the screen's margin. The film collides pseudo-cosmology with materialist flicker to investigate the lurking cores of darkness which accompany any humanness.

7. Koh – Adam Levine (20010; 1:50)
Shot at dawn in the Gulf of Thailand and later processed by hand, Koh's degraded and sublime images of fisherman bringing in the morning's catch are elevated to the surreal by a soundscape of restless cicadas.

8. Adrift – Cathy Lee Crane (2009; 11:50)
This poetic adaptation of the fountain of youth fable follows a woman who has come to Rome to die. On her journey through the city's fountains, she encounters a young girl who taunts her with visions of lost innocence. Staged on locations from Pier Paolo Pasolini's Roman films.

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