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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 22

1. An Eyeful of Sound – Samantha Moore (2010; 10:25)
I don't know if you've ever heard a goat eating carrots? It's almost too much, it's so lovely' An Eyeful of Sound conjures up the fascinating visually complex internal world of audio-visual synaesthesia, where senses make unique connections the rest of us don't experience. Synaesthesia is discussed, argued over, dissected and celebrated in this beautifully sensitive multi award-winning animated documentary.

2. Metamorphosis – Christin Bolewski (2007; 5:32)
‘Growth gets confronted with destruction, aesthetic beauty with rotten ugliness.’ Using the possibilities of modern video processing and animation techniques the motif of a traditional still life gets fragmented. Different parts of the image are arranged running simultaneously forward or backward, in fast motion or being looped – the still life starts to “breathe”.

3. Breathing Lessons – Claudia Esslinger (2006; 10:00)
- Breathing Lessons poetically traces a longing for oxygen through the artist’s family history. It draws a thread through a series of life experiences that relied on the restorative powers of respiration, both physically and emotionally. Set in an indeterminate time past, it is lyrical and rhythmic, humorous and tragic, piercing and elegiac.

4. A Covenant Adam – Ariana Hamidi (2005; 15:00)
Lines will be crossed in family history and myth. A Covenant Adam navigates memories of a childhood filled with violence and fear through optically printed Super 8mm home movies, Incredible Hulk comic strips, interviews with children, and fragmented texts that float across the screen.

5. A Moment’s Reverie – Tess Martin (2007; 10:20)
Letters in a book come alive on the page and trigger an imaginative journey. Thoughts and memories are created frame by frame using back-lit tissue paper cut-outs. Tess Martin is an animator currently based in Seattle and is a founding member of SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team. For more information visit www.filmandscissors.com

6. The Maid (Il Shaghala) – Heidi Saman (2008; 19:08)
Rasha is an Egyptian housemaid who is not so skilled at her job. When Rasha’s suspicions of her employers are confirmed, she must come to terms with her perceptions of trust, duty and her place within the family household.

7. 10 short documentaries about my childhood home – Dorothea Braemer (2009; 10:00)
Recounts how the filmmaker and her sisters struggle to reach common ground while dealing with the sale of the family house and their mother’s move to an assisted living situation. Mixing observational footage, personal reflection, Brechtian re-enactments with masks, and family photos, 10 short documentaries... is an intimate exploration of familial relationships, childhood and the passage of time.

8. STRIP – Erika Suderburg & Linda Besemer (2007; 7:13)
A playful rave trance glitch riff on experimental animation fabricated without animation. STRIP utilizes painting trimmings and mobilizes them in a skewed homage to the fanciful worlds of early Hans Richter, Oscar Fischinger and Musique Concrete, and 60's Color Field Painting. The static is sent packing in a frenzy of temporal excess and repetition accompanied by the sounds of its own launch.

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