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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 13


1.  MY OLYMPIC SUMMER – Daniel Robin (2007, 13:00)  
Combining suspense with hollowed out nostalgia, my olympic summer is about mothers, fathers, internal and exterior events, ultimately evoking a lyrical truth rather then literal accuracy.

2.  CORNER DELANCEY – Neil Ira Needleman (2008, 8:00)  
A rare disease brings a father and son closer together—even as it pushes them further apart.

3.  THE SON OF SAMSONITE – Mike Olenick (2002, 9:33)  
Composed of memories of other images, The Son of Samsonite is filled with irony and black humor, puns and pop songs, and a troubled relationship unfolding amongst disasters.

4.  BY MODERN MEASURE – Matthew Lessner (2006, 5:50)  
An amateur French sociologist presents his observations on a day in the life of two young Americans who meet by chance outside a Taco Bell.

5.  THE GREETING FROM MY MOTHER – Katja Straub (2007, 12:00)  
The Greeting From My Mother traces the sublime and almost invisible bonds of motherhood, daughterhood, and sisterhood over "one hundred years and two world wars."

6.  THE ASTRUM ARGENTUM – Jon Behrens (2006, 6:00)  
It is mostly a hand-painted and step-printed film. I also created the sound design for this film.


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