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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 1


1. NO ORDINARY SUN – Jonathan Brough (2004, 15:00)
A man living in an isolated hut makes a discovery that will change the lives
of everyone on the planet. Filmed in Antarctica by New Zealander Jonathan Brough.

2. POST-PARTUM – Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre (2004, 9:10)
When I was two months old, my mother abandoned me to my grandmother.
She could no longer bear the sound of my incessant crying.

3. GRAVEL – Steven Bognar (2003, 16:20)
This visually evocative, award-winning short about a single mom and her skateboarding
teenage daughter premiered at Sundance and has screened extensively.

4. SIGH – Ann Steuernagel (2004, 8:00)
“Consciously he did not hear, but the messages through to his brain.”
sigh is an audio vision that entreats the viewer to listen.

5. AMELITA DESTRUCTION – Potter-Belmar Labs (2004, 4:30)
An off-the-board recording of live "improvised cinema," detailing the future collapse
of the consumer appliance market, and possibly civilization itself.

6. CORNER, LOS ANGELES – Joe Merrell (2004, 3:00)
A shot divided into a 6x4 grid, each square offset by 10 seconds.
Time is compressed and multiple moments are viewed simultaneously.

7. BACK TO MISERY – Heidi Mau (2000, 6:15)
An unexpected package arrives with footage of you and your first love—on the beach.
Memory battles its document, in glorious black and white.

8. TASCAM 224 – Luke Lamborn (2003, 6:45)
A fragmented transmission from a barren wasteplanet whose signal became distorted
and ghostly as it traveled through the harsh radiation of galactic space.

9. LONG STRUGGE – Ashkan Soltani (2004, 15:00)
This documentary filmed in Nevada describes a land struggle between Native Americans
and federal bureaucrats. The big winners might be the mining industry.

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