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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 15

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1. CHIQUITITA AND THE SOFT ESCAPE – Michael Robinson (2003, 10:00)
Twin attempts at structuring images of home and loved ones suffer a gentle breakdown in the face of the romantic.

2. HYACINTHE – Lydia Moyer (2008, 7:48)
A poetic investigation into the invisibility of loss as it plays out on the landscape of an infamous tragedy.

3. BULB IN THE HEAD – Melika Bass (2006, 5:00)
An earthen fairy tale. A feast for the living.

4. A PASTRY SHOP AND A RAINY STREET – Bruce McKaig (2006, 3:00)
An investigational film silently observing a woman and a city as they morph in and out of each other.

5. DIGITAL UNDERPANTS – Matt Meindl (2008, 1:30)
A manic collage of teenage love notes and exploding hearts.

6. RECYCLE – Vasco Lucas Nunes and Ondi Timoner (2006, 6:00)
Media That Matters presents: A portrait of a day in the life of Miguel Diaz in the hilly Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park.

7. 200,000 PHANTOMS – Jean-Gabriel Périot (2007, 10:00)
Hiroshima’s 20th century history is charted through 600 photographs of the Genbaku Dome.

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