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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 2


1. WE'RE JUST WALKING – Warren Johnston (2004, 8:00)
Two children, Kierra and D’Finest, walk through the streets of Chicago in this poetic, experimental documentary about today’s inner city.

2. BLUDREN – Jill Johnston-Price (2003, 7:00)
A colorful, intense 2D/3D meditation on the mythical mandrake plant.

3. BATTLEGROUND MINNESOTA – Gabriel Cheifetz (2004, 8:00)
A hip hop documentary musical about politics starring Shakademic, Glenn Scott, and Walter Mondale.

4. CHUCO – Stephen Stickler (2005, 5:15)
A young Mexican gangbanger considers his possible future on the morning of his release from LA County jail.

5. ANDY – Terence Healy (2004, 5:00)
A humorous story of how a self-described “short, bald, big-nosed actor from Brooklyn” became an art model in Hollywood.

6. CAKEWALK – Jeff Economy (2001, 6:00)
An elegiac waltz for the beauty of inclement weather, the dignity of manual labor, and the soggy tapioca pudding of memory.

7. THE TOURIST – James Israel and Jeff Israel (2005, 15:00)
A woman afraid to leave her Brooklyn apartment makes a puzzling discovery as she struggles with her dreams, memories and the mundane.

8. ONCE UPON A TIME IN BROOKLYN – Neil Ira Needleman (2004, 7:00)
Aunt Naomi says “Hanukah/Chanukah” is spelled with a “Ch.” But Aunt Esther insists it’s spelled with an “H.” Who’s right?

9. FINAL LAP – J.J. Adler (2005, 11:50)
A sleepy American suburb.  A mysterious car roars around the block each night. Tom Bickerton, 15, watches and waits. 

10. EYESIGHT – Marcy B. Freedman (2004, 3:55)
Black and white abstract images accompany – but do not illustrate -- the strange tale of an unusual little girl. The ending will surprise you.

11. DEMOLITION 7 – Richie Sherman (2005, 9:00)
A Super-8mm expressionistic recording of a demolition derby, irony included. Testosterone and hammers, bullhorns and hymns.

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