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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 5


1) LITTLE THINGS – James Twyford and Alex Feakes (2005, 4:45)
Everything’s a game when you’re four. Until you get caught.

2 ) DIRT – Chel White (1998, 4:00)
A fractured tale of one man's strange obsession. Dark and humorous, DIRT is an ecological parable for the 21st century. 

3) GRAND LUNCHEONETTE – Peter Sillen (2005, 5:00)
This film documents the final days of Fred Hakim’s unforgettable 42 nd Street lunch counter.

4) THE LEGEND OF BLACK TOM – Deron Albright (2005, 16:00)
When a freed slave fights for the British bare-knuckle championship, he faces not only his opponent, but an entire nation.

5) NOEL – Hope Tucker (2005, 5:00)
A songwriter’s identity remains as obscure as his motives for penning an American holiday standard.

6) THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF EXILE –Sara Zia Ebrahimi (2006, 12:00)
A contemplation of the connection to family in a globalized world where fewer people live where they “came from.” Filmed in Iran.

7) YOU, STARBUCKS – Jennifer Levonian (2006, 2:05)
Set in the mundane environment of a Starbucks, a couple engages in unspoken communication.

8) Something Rubber, Something Glue – Jen Schneider (2006, 14:30)
Sibling warfare erupts over the only bathroom in the house: a private theater for role-playing, mirror confessions, and practicing for the “real thing.”

9) BAND OF SISTERS – Joel Fendelman (2005, 8:00)
A group of 1.15 million women and men march through Washington, D.C., in the largest march in U.S. history.

10) REVERIES FROM CISTAE MEMORIA – Phillip Hastings (2005, 10:35)
A delicately woven dream-journey through fragmented and reconstructed memories. Nostalgia for what may or may not have ever happened.


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