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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 11


1.  Spheres  Jeremy Bird
A one-minute A/V microcosm. Contents: balloons, super ball, glowing orb, bubbles, synaesthesia.

2.  To watch in preparation of the Deep Fall  Mack McFarland
Part of a larger series called "Kinetoscopes for the 21st Century," kinetocast.com seeks to connect video signal with the physical.   

3.  The Forest  John Bacone
Having trouble sleeping, this character sets out to find something from his cartoon-watching past.

4.  Cosmos  Randy Wakerlin
A music video for drum n’ bass guru KJ Sawka that tells the story of an uphill journey using animation, rotoscoping, and live-action video.

5.  Blobsquatch  Carl Diehl
Blobsquatches (photos too blurry to be discernible as sasquatches) are reclaimed as missing links in techno-cultural evolution in this speculative counter-narrative of strategic ambiguity!

6.  Silence in 60 Seconds  Andy Mingo
A found footage haiku that juxtaposes Soviet state-sponsored images with those of the "war on terror," thus suggesting the commonality of empire in decline.

7.  Strategery  Jim Lowry
If you didn't know what the word "Strategery" means before you watch the short you will know after.

8.  Planet Earth: Our Response  Arman Bohn
1950s paranoia as seen through the eyes of two Galactic Census probes. Made with about 100 public domain films.

9.  Little Atomic Bomb  Adam Long
This collaboration with artist Tom Keating (of the Pig bomb and Bomb Girl) is based around a recording of Charles Bukowski of a poem that was never published. The poem to me sounded like a mad man writing a letter to a general.

10.  To watch while smelling summer  Mack McFarland
Part of a larger series called "Kinetoscopes for the 21st Century," kinetocast.com seeks to connect video signal with the physical.   

11.  Darkcloud  Gretchen Hogue
a dark night in the mind.  a storm is brewing.

12. Le Puzzle  Uli Beutter
LE PUZZLE is a song by Eric John Kaiser. Uli Beutter directed this music video. You should check out www.Sandymontana.com for more eyeball delights.

13. Forest of the Flowers  Gretchen Hogue
A sunlit meadow interlude to sustain us all.

14. 3 out of 4  Stephen Slappe
A video made in honor of a slowly dying species: monumental revolving advertising signs.

15.  Steve Winwood is Hungry for Breakfast  Jesse England
Upon a chance hearing of “Valerie” being played backwards, it became evident that Winwood wanted sausage. Further research revealed a desire for an entire breakfast.

16. Test Anthem  Michael Paulus
198 national anthems from the world’s countries arranged in a vertical, symmetrical stack.  Played for the duration with bell curve as defined parameter with demarcation line representing point of departure to the - unattainable?

17. 50 Years Later  Matt McCormick
Retracing the steps of family roadtrips and a forgotten road-side attraction. A Father’s Day present.

18. Roppongi Crossing  Brian Libby
The film is a montage of Tokyo's taxi drivers in action. They are culled from laid-off executives, who cruise the city with subtly profound white-gloved dignity.

19.  Ben: A True Story  Melanie Brown
Two friends on the way home from a coffee shop discuss the Michael Jackson hit song “Ben” while oblivious to the song and dance around them.

20. Two  Hart Ryan Noecker  
A video diary montage of the summer of 2007.

21. Keith  Evan Stroum
Keith is not an ordinary homeless man. He knows a better life awaits him but his daily encounters with drugs and other transients threaten his fragile way of life.

22. Vertigo Core Sample  Ron Mason Gassaway
A flatbed scanner mates with a computer monitor, converting Hitchcock’s "Vertigo" into a two-dimensional document, which is reanimated into a geological timeline of the film.

23. Furness  Cat Tyc
An experimental video.

24. To Remember That Our Skies Are the Same Skies  Chris Lael Larson
A reminder that when I look up at the sky and you look up at the sky we were both looking at the same sky.

25. Magic Hostess, The Electric Can Opener  Rob Tyler
An insightful look into one of the most powerful and commanding kitchen appliances ever designed. An examination of "can versus machine" with a predictable outcome. Music by Matt McCormick. Hand model: Amy Rose.

26. Circle of Purity  Liz Haley
Circle of Purity, In Perpetuity is a video conceived during a 10-day silent meditation retreat.

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