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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 7


1. GOD PROVIDES – Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky (2006, 8:30)
Shot in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this unexpected short examines faith and inexplicable loss in the American South.

2. BOMB – Ian Olds (2006, 13:50)
An almost love story set on the edge of an old Air Force bombing range.

3. HOW SHE SLEPT AT NIGHT – Lilli Carré (2006, 3:30)
A man tries to remember his wife but only comes up with scant details as his memory starts to stray.

4. CHOQUE (COLLISION) – Nacho Vigalondo (2005, 10:00)
Strong temperaments—and cars—collide in this chic film from Oscar-nominated director Nacho Vigalondo.

5. LOLLYGAGGER – Matt Meindl (2006, 5:00)
All sidewalks are not created equal in this experimental travelogue.

6. CRANIUM THEATER – Jason Sandri (2006, 6:45)
A quirky and surrealistic critique on the excessive demands of Church and State on the common man.

7. AVATAR – Lluís Quílez (2005, 15:00)
Avatar: 1) Chance event that usually involves a sudden change in the course of something. Change of fortune. 2) Test someone goes through.

8. DISCONNECTED – Karl Lind (2005, 3:00)
A million tiny hearts break. Somehow, everything is much more one sided than we would like it to be.

9. CHRISTINE. 1403. – Erica Berg (2006, 12:45)
A magical cry for peace from the midst of the 100 Years' War, inspired by the words of medieval writer Christine de Pizan.


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