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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 17


1. THOKA Thorbjorg Jonsdottir (2008, 5:10)
When Lena comes home from work one day, she realizes that she can see through time in her bedroom mirror.

2. WALK - Meg Knowles (2006, 3:00)
What happened while I was busy - OR- A documentation of personal change, and reflection on attentiveness in a difficult relationship.

3. LOOM - Scott Kravitz (2006, 5:15)
An old woman weaves the fabric of life and death.

4. PRINCESS MAGARET BLVD. - Kazik Radwanski (2008, 14:00)
An exploration of Alzheimer's through the mindset of Isabelle - one installment of a trilogy of short films by MDFF

5. DJINN - Eliane Lima (2008, 14:47)
Nothing happens because there is no story or truth to be revealed. This project is homage to Alain Robbe-Grillet and to Claudio Ulpiano.

6. WHISPERING PINES #5 - Shana Moulton (2005, 6:30)
While searching for comfort in her self-help books and soothing knick-knacks, Cynthia is transported to an electric temple that springs up from the pattern in her electric blanket.

7. NOTHING IS OVER NOTHING - Jonathan Schwartz (2008, 16:00)
A series of portraits, gestures, light captured, divisions recorded, and lines collected in Jerusalem.

8. MIXED SIGNALS - Richard Martin (2005, 8:00)
A scrambled television signal sets the tone for the twisted messages of fundamentalism and politics.

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