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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 18

1. color + modulation 1 - Rob Tyler (2008, 5:14)
Hand painted and digitally manipulated 16mm film provides simple, relaxing and clean compositions.

2. Sebastian - Ann Steuernagel (2007, 6:00)
Sebastian, derived from found documentary footage, is a meditation on beauty, destruction, and the unconscious.

3. Cataract - Sainath Choudhury (2005, 9:00)
In part buddhist koan, part urban love story, this film suggests an answer to the question of unconditional love.

4. Winning the Peace - Eli Kaufman (2004, 18:00)
An Iraqi-American Marine returns to Iraq to redeem his place of birth, only to destroy the people he hoped to save.

5. Tidal Wave - Salise Hughes (2005, 1:36)
One man's nightmares take physical shape in a rising tide that seems to be taking the form of each figure in the crowd.

6. Somewhere Never Travelled - Ben Garchar (2009, 5:30)
only one love. only one take. and then what?

7. Five County Fair - David Ellsworth (2005, 8:05)
An impressionistic super-8 look at Farmville, Virginia's annual Five County Fair. Ellsworth teaches film and video at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Email: dellsworth@smcm.edu

8. The Commoners - Jessica Bardsley and Penny Lane (2009, 12:30)
An essay film about Eugene Schieffelin's introduction of European Starlings to America in 1890, and what it means today.

9. I Cannot Understand You - David Baeumler (2004, 5:44)
Don't fear life's misunderstandings - let a philosophical tape recorder guide you through a world of fireworks, flowers, and thrills.

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