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The Journal of Short Film

Volume 19

1. Infiltration - Charles Chadwick (2009, 4:53)
The film Infiltration is designed to induce a hypnotic state within which a lone figure is carried through deathly sites.

2. Hunger - Carolina Hellsgård (2009, 17:40)
The siblings Roland and Paul watch the deportation of their immigrant neighbors; afterwards they decide to enter the abandoned apartment.

3. Abstract? - Alexei Dmitriev (2009, 3:30)
An unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.

4. Widow - Michael Fisher (2010, 5:30)
A Puritan suitor retreats from a courtship, unaware of his effect on the widow's bleak state.

5. Canyon Time - Richard O’Sullivan (2004, 15:35)
Canyon Time creates a contrast between the slow-turning time of the natural world and the fleetingness of the human moment.

6. Inner Klänge - Lemeh42 (2010, 10:00)
Inner Klänge is a personal homage made by Lemeh42 to Kandinsky’s homonymous work.

7. Kyrie - Michael A. Morris (2009, 14:30)
A consideration of heavenly bodies and learning by rote.

8. Coyote - Robert Harris (1997, 17:07)

Coyote is an invocation of the many shady, shifting forms of Coyote -- wild dog, trickster, and smuggler -- told in a style that mimics his multifarious shape.

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